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hairdresser Hampton Peterborough

I'm delighted to be devoting my skills and passion to providing a high-quality personal service for discerning clientele in Hampton Vale, Hampton Hargate and the rest of Peterborough. You will receive my individual attention throughout – from free initial consultation right through to leaving as a delighted client.


My Story

After initially qualifying as a hairstylist in 2000, I went on to gain higher-level qualifications and became an NVQ Assessor. Then I  bought the salon where I was working on the edge of the stockbroker belt in Hampshire. Over the next 5 years I took the salon up to a level where it was regarded as one of the best in the area. I achieved this through total dedication, hard work and persistence. Support from my staff, both existing and newly recruited, was also essential and much appreciated. I instilled in my stylists a sense of loyalty and care for their clients, leading by example. 


A Real Passion

But the standards I set for myself are not easy for everyone to achieve and maintain, so I sold the salon and moved up to a new part of Peterborough where I set up my exclusive studio in 2007. I can now concentrate on providing a top-level service whilst indulging in my passion for hairdressing, a passion that keeps me interested in new styles and techniques that I can adapt and utilise for the benefit of my clients.

Since moving here to Hampton Vale I have complemented my hairdressing by also providing nail services.

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